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We use many different pieces of equipment during our Inspections that other Inspectors will charge extra to use at the time of the inspection. It could be Infrared Imaging, electrical and moisture testers, or other equipment. To give you the best possible assessment, we use this equipment to evaluate areas of concern as we see them. The equipment is used as we feel needed, and it is at no extra charge to you. We do it because we think it is necessary to do a proper Home Inspection!

The members that make up the team at “Your Castle Home Inspections Inc.” are known to be people of integrity. They are constantly striving to do better for their clients on every inspection. Customers expect the best when they schedule a home inspection, and this team delivers on those expectations.

About the founders

The father, Douglas Martin, has extensive knowledge and experience in the Construction and Real Estate industries. His passion for these fields at an early age motivated him to learn everything he could from many professionals. This led him to work alongside electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, agents, inspectors, etc. Such an interaction would provide him with the necessary knowledge to design and build his own stick-built home in Vermont for his growing family.

Within the 40+ years of experience he has, Doug also has 15 years of experience working with Modular Homes. He was a well-established Licensed Dealer and Setter in many states for the Modular Home manufacturers. 15-20 years of his career were also dedicated to Setting and Maintaining Mobile Homes.

Managing a park with 150 mobile homes on it came to be very useful when it was time for Doug and his sons to move to Florida and become certified to perform Mobile Home Inspections. Working together, Doug and his sons developed the same high-quality standards in workmanship when it comes to the work they perform themselves and what they expect to see from others.

Why do people need to hire professional home inspectors?

While Doug and his sons were building houses, buying properties, renovating homes, and tackling their projects, they all realized that many people believe they are qualified enough to perform work on houses when really, they are not. When people are not educated or licensed, they don’t know about the risks that can occur during the project or, even worse, afterward, leading to safety concerns and much more significant financial expenses. The overall value of the property can be in jeopardy.

This is why you need this team on your side to inspect your next house so they can point out anything the previous homeowner has tried to pass off as being acceptable, whether that is on purpose or not. Your Castle Home Inspections Inc feel that the new home buyer has to suffer consequences with their new house after the closing. The reason is not having a complete understanding of the condition of the house and any safety issues that may exist, especially since they are not trained to see them.

How Your Castle Home Inspections Inc can help?

Buying a home is an exciting time in your life. It is common to overlook and miss something about the house during your initial walk-through, and that is why a home inspection is so crucial when making this size of an investment. This has inspired Doug and his sons to be in the inspection industry and start their own business, Your Castle Home Inspections Inc. They want the opportunity to help and enlighten future home buyers and current owners by giving them the necessary tools and information they need to put their minds at ease and be confident about their next decision moving forward.

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Douglas Martin, CPI. FL Lic#HI12767

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