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A home inspection can typically take around 3-4 hours to perform. You are welcomed to be at the property during the inspection but we have noticed it is best to be present during the final hour. We want to give 100% of our focus to the property and to be sure we cover everything and don't want to miss something because of distractions. We take a couple hundred photos and are constantly writing notes during the inspection so we can be sure to explain and point out important hazards and safety issues to you while we do a final walk around of the house.

Some inspectors rush from one inspection to the next, often missing critical issues. We take the time to ensure you are fully aware of conditions that could affect your investment.

Our reports feature well organized and detailed information about the home’s systems and component, as well as any issues we discovered during the inspection. We include photos and sometimes videos to help you clearly understand the issues.

We are equipped with the latest technology to help us evaluate conditions that could affect your investment. One of which is an Infrared Camera that allows us to see areas of concern usually associated with insulation and moisture intrusion that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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