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$$ You could save Hundreds and even Thousands of dollars on your homeowners insurance policy $$  

A wind mitigation inspection is conducted to determine whether or not your house has wind-resistant features in place to help limit the damage that can be caused by strong winds associated with Hurricanes.

These features can be anything from window and door coverings, the way the roof is attached to the house, how your roof is sealed to prevent water from entering, and so on. A Wind Mitigation Inspection can result in substantial Savings on your homeowners insurance policy. As always, the safer and stronger your home is, the lower your premiums will be.

The inspectors of Your Castle Home Inspections Inc. are Licensed and Certified to perform these inspections in the state of Florida. You can contact us if you would like to discuss in detail, the inspection or discounts.

Since 2007, Insurance companies are Required by the state of Florida to offer these discounts to their customers.  $$The average cost of a wind mitigation inspection is about $100, This is a small price to pay for immediate substantial Savings$$  Schedule your Wind Mitigation Inspection immediately and stop tossing your money out into the Wind

After the inspection is completed, Our inspectors will offer suggestions that could improve the sustainability of your property. You can then decide if you would like to make changes to your property or simply submit your wind mitigation report to your insurance company. You’ll likely receive the most savings if you take the inspector’s suggestions, which in return, will add value to your home – and that’s never a bad thing!

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