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We believe that a thorough home inspection can put your mind at ease as you make one of the most significant investments of your life. We take our responsibility as your chosen home inspector seriously. With us, you’ll get an organized and experienced home inspection report that shows all the critical features you need to know, and we’ll do it efficiently. We pride ourselves on being meticulous while maintaining a tight turnaround, so you have the required information you need when you need it...

We are certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and operate per their Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics. We uphold these standards and ideals with integrity so that our customers never have to worry about the quality of service. We never want our clients to feel they need to question the integrity of our inspectors and wonder if we are helping the realtors close the deals quickly for any commissions. We work for you, We are dedicated to you, and we will deliver to you a detailed report on the condition of the house within 24 hours.

Services by Clearwater Home Inspector Include: Residential Home Inspections for buyers, Pre-Listing Inspections for sellers, Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4-Point Inspections, Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Builder Warranty Inspections, Roofing Inspection & Certification, Pool and Spa Inspections, Annual Home Maintenance Inspections, and other Inspection Services. If you have any questions regarding the type of services we offer, we encourage you to use the Chat option on the right side of the screen, send us an email, send a text, or give us a call.

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About Us

About Us

Clearwater Home Inspector

A home inspection can typically take around 3-4 hours to perform. You are welcomed to be at the property during the inspection but we have noticed it is best to be present during the final hour.

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Not Afraid To Get Dirty

We are not the inspectors to shy away from crawlspaces and attics. Those are the areas we gravitate towards because that is where issues hide and where others tend to miss them. We walk every roof we possibly can when we feel it is safe to enter into every attic and scour every inch of basements and crawl spaces. We will send you the report within 24 hours, and it will be full of information covering your entire house. We will have it in the report if it's visible and safely accessible.

I am also offering with all my inspections, a guarantee that interNACHI will buy your house back from you for the amount you paid for it If I miss something that is a safety issue/concern....

During the inspection process if I miss something that turns out is a large financial problem and you wish you never bought this headache of a house because of the red flags I missed. InterNACHI will literally purchase the house from you at full asking price in the As-Is condition. This provides a large blanket of confidence in hiring an inspector such as myself that is part of this program because not all inspectors offer this. 

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You will receive a FREE copy of the book, "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection". This home maintenance manual includes tips for keeping your home safe and in top condition while emphasizing the concerns unique to Florida, such as its climate, weather events, landscape, and housing features....

You’ll also find information about how to protect your home from hurricanes and related natural disasters, why Wind Mitigation Inspections are important, what you can expect from a 4-Point Inspection, and even a Service Life Expectancy Chart specific to homes in the Sunshine State.

Modern Inspection Reports

Modern Inspection Reports

We use Spectora reporting software, which is an industry leader in professional, user-friendly reports that allow you to not only understand the report at a glance, but also create repair requests, understand repair costs and negotiate quickly!

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