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For home buyers, a home inspection should be a mandatory part of the home buying process. Home inspectors who perform the inspection identify potential issues with the home and give buyers a clear idea of the maintenance required. 

However, not every home inspector is educated or licensed and therefore, they may not be able to perform comprehensive inspections. Without a qualified home inspector, buyers may not be aware of all the risks and safety concerns associated with their potential future home. 

If you’re looking for a trusted home inspector, it is important to put in a sufficient amount of research to find someone that can match your expectations. You should also go through reviews you find online and speak to people who’ve worked with them.

At Your Castle Home Inspections Inc., we are confident about the services we provide and will not shy away from giving you references. Besides, we will be happy to tell you why we are the top name in the home inspection business. We have been in the home inspection industry for many years and have numerous happy clients. If you’re looking for certified home inspectors, here are a few reasons why we stand out from the rest. 


We have years of experience not only in the home inspection business but also in real estate as buyers, sellers, and investors. Building houses in Vermont gave us great insight into real quality craftsmanship.

InterNACHI certified
We are certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), which is the largest association in the world for home inspectors. We operate in accordance with their Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics. We also uphold these standards and ideals with integrity so that our customers never have to worry about the quality of service that we provide. 

Buy-Back Guarantee available
InterNACHI has a program that we offer with our home inspections. It states that if we miss anything during the initial inspection, they will buy the house off of you for whatever amount you paid for. This is called the Buy-Back Guarantee. They do not ask questions and can make the real estate transaction happen very quickly! This is also nice for the realtor that sold the house because InterNACHI will buy the house through the same realtor you used and turn around and relist it with that same realtor as well. As a result, there will be multiple commissions for the realtor on the same house.

We educate clients the right way 
We are tired of seeing new and seasoned home buyers being taken advantage of by “professionals” that take shortcuts in the building and remodeling industries. We feel the buyer should know exactly what they are getting into when they make one of the largest purchases in their lifetime. When buyers work with us, we educate them by giving them the necessary tools and information they need to put their minds at ease and to be confident about their next decision moving forward.

As certified home inspectors in Clearwater, Florida, at Your Castle Home Inspections Inc., we provide clients with the best possible inspection and ensure all their needs are met. 

Our services include: Residential Home Inspections for buyers, Pre-Listing Inspections for sellers, Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4-Point Inspections, Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Builder Warranty Inspections, Roofing Inspection and Certification, Pool and Spa Inspections, Annual Home Maintenance Inspections, and other Inspection Services. 

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